Chicago history started with a real estate bubble in the mid-1830s. Hispanic immigrants created a similar bubble in the 1990s and 2000s when they signed for large, bad loans that unscrupulous lenders offered them.  When the first Chicago real estate bubble burst in the 1830s, it created economic depression and domino-effect bank failures nation-wide  The recent real estate bubble seems to be doing the same.

I upload documents to this password-protected sub-domain to illustrate that Hispanic immigrants are bad news.  They, their children and grandchildren commit many acts of territorial aggression and incivility against white non-Hispanics.  Hispanic officials and employees of municipal government aid and abet Hispanic civilians and commit some of the acts themselves.  White employees of municipal government put a white face on Hispanic aggression.  Some whites would be bullies in an all-white city.  Other whites get and keep their jobs by imposing double standards based on race and by committing aggressive acts on whites.  White officials tamper with databases and create a false record of who-does-what-to-whom-when-where-and-why.  They protect Hispanic government officials and employees from prosecution for hate crime under-color-of-law.

Though a majority of white civilians have moved away from areas where Hispanics act out racial hatred, a few whites have moved into the areas; and most are bullies.  Government officials protect these white non-Hispanic bullies and misogynists, too.

The process of neighborhood destabilization is known as block-busting.  It creates new mortgages by selling new houses in the suburbs.  It puts new mortgages on old houses in the city.  When African-American migrants busted Chicago neighborhoods, property values dropped.  Hispanic blockbusting has put a new twist on an old real estate industry scam.  Property values inflated during the Hispanic invasion, though the houses got older and the quality of life got worse.  The inflation of housing values sets off the inflation of all costs-of-living.  Then revenues from taxes on property, retail sales and income inflate commensurately and make blockbusting essential to maintain and increase government jobs and paychecks.  Blockbusting created an unsustainable post-industrial economy in which appearances are deceiving.  Life in the US looks prosperous, but it's debt-financed.  People mortgage their homes to foreign and domestic speculators to buy imported consumer goods to one-up and put-down their neighbors.  Americans don't own America.

I provide documents at this evidence subdomain that support an allegation that the current Cook County Assessor has tampered with records in the Cook County Assessor's office to buy votes for his cohort.  He overvalues some properties, undervalues other properties, grants exemptions and withholds exemptions to punish perceived enemies and reward his friends and the friends of his cohort, as well as to buy votes.  They want a permanent voting block to maintain their political power in North America forever.

The Assessor and his cohort are predominantly Puerto Rican immigrants and their children and grandchildren.  The obvious motive is to give Puerto Ricans control over local real estate, tax revenues and government, as well as dominance over people of other races and national origin.  However, the rewards for pandering to people of all races who sell and buy municipal bonds and mortgages are certainly large - indicating that personal greed trumps racism in the long list of motives that Puerto Rican officials have for committing the wrongs they commit.




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