updated 2012 July 27

Materials are presented for

educational purposes only.

I'm not a licensed attorney and

don't intend the materials presented here

to replace the services of licensed attorneys

I work alone on a small, fixed personal  income.

If you appreciate my work, take advantage of it,

and are able, please make a financial contribution.

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Laurel Lee

Time For Democracy

Chicago, IL  60647-1127

For people who can't learn and remember unless they've got a textbook in one hand

and a yellow highlighter in the other,

(that would be me),

I copy-pasted thousands of pages of

the historical record of the US Congress

from the Library of Congress/

American Memory and Yale Avalon websites

to Microsoft Powerpoint  and Word files

and reformatted the pages to print uniformly

on 8.5x11 three-hole punched paper.

Highlights from the congressional record

and other references are entered in

Microsoft Excel workbooks.  They're set up so

they can be sorted by topic, date, source, etc.

The Powerpoint files range in size

from 0.011 to 47.393 mb

Please download the files

to view and work with them


public finance


practical applications